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Mark Evans was born and raised near Columbus, Ohio. Barely graduating from high school and never going to college, most of his teachers assumed he would never amount to anything more than a minimum wage worker, a path taken by many in his hometown, but Mark had other plans.

At the age of 18 he started his first business and began investing in real estate. Within a few years, he had become a successful real estate “rehabber,” buying homes and fixing them up to rent or sell. As his income grew, so did the demands on his time as he ran from one property to the next to build his real estate portfolio. Along the way, he earned the nickname “The DM” (which stands for “The Deal-Maker”) because of his love for, and uncanny skill at, making deals.

After nearly a decade of hard work, near-bankruptcies, and additions of new types of real estate investing, including wholesaling, Mark was living a life that far exceeded the expectations set forth by his teachers of the past. While his financial success was reaching levels never before thought possible, something was missing. He wasn’t fully satisfied with his achievements, and after some soul-searching realized that he lacked an even more valuable commodity than money; time to enjoy his success and travel the world. That meant making some changes in his business and transitioning from the mindset of always having to be there to a full-scale, virtual operation.

In December 2005, he and his girlfriend moved from Columbus, OH to an oceanfront condo in Miami, Florida. It was the start of a 30-day “trial run” to transform his business into a virtual one and to discover whether or not he could operate as successfully without being present in the office for the day-to-day operations. This trial proved to be a resounding success and Mark discovered how freeing it was to run his business from a distance, allowing him to embark on a journey to see the world and fulfill another of Mark’s dreams.

Their first trip was a 5-year world tour that took the two of them throughout North America, the Caribbean, and Europe. During this time Mark gained the additional nickname “The DN” (which stands for “The Digital Nomad”), and he pioneered new ways to operate virtually, developing skills and innovating tools and technologies that are used successfully in every business he runs. It’s no surprise that #1 best-selling author and radio host Mike Litman said, “The DM is the godfather of virtual real estate. I’ve never met anyone who travels the world while closing deals and sipping cocktails.” These skills and tools are being further developed and perfected as Mark is currently in the middle of a second 5-year world tour that has taken him and his fiancé Deena through the Caribbean, Europe, the exotic far-reaches of south-eastern Asia.

A firm believer in giving back and helping others, Mark recognizes the help of mentors as he built his business and he has paid it forward by mentoring tens of thousands of people worldwide to help them become virtual business owners and real estate investors. To further these endeavours, Mark has written 5 best-selling books, including The Reverse Real Estate System, The Power of Concentration, The Insider Secrets of the World’s Most Successful Real Estate Investors, Done For You Life, and Guerrilla Marketing for Real Estate Investors. He is currently finalizing his sixth book, Virtual Real Estate Investing Made Easy, from which a portion of revenue, just as his first 5, will be donated to charity.

Throughout his career in real estate Mark has donated several houses to people who needed a hand up, with home giveaways in Atlanta and Haiti. This charitable effort has transformed to his newest initiative, HouseGiveaway.Org, who, in partnership with Final Salute Inc. and many other sponsors, is working to put the ‘Home’ back into ‘The Home of The Brave’ by providing rehabbed, fully furnished homes for homeless veterans throughout the United States.

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